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June 2nd

We've launched our Indiegogo campaign! Check it out and spread the word!

May 12th

Not only have we got this awesome new look, but the film is finished! We're making ourselves ready to share it with the fans!

Oct. 17th

We've finally recovered from the amazingness that was Comic Con!!! Follow us and check out our pics and other fun things from the event! We've got lots to share!

Aug 28th

While we didn't meet our funding goal, we still consider our Kickstarter campaign to have been a great success! We're reaching so many fans! Check out our contribute page if you'd still like to help out our project though! In other exciting news, Don't Feed the Trolls has officially started production! Follow our social medias to stay posted on our progress!

Aug 20th

Just 5 days left in our Kickstarter campaign! Take a look and share us please!

Aug 1st

Don't Feed the Trolls is looking for a graphic artist intern! Check out our posting here or send an e-mail to Liz if you're interested.

July 29th

We're launched on Kickstarter!

July 23rd

Don't Feed the Trolls will be launching its Kickstarter campaign next Monday, July 29th!!! Check back here to get more information on the film!

July 1st

Don't Feed the Trolls now has an online donations button through From the Heart Productions! Visit our contributions page to lend a hand!

June 26th

Don't Feed the Trolls is proud to announce that we are now fiscally sponsored by From the Heart Productions!

June 24th

Don't Feed the Trolls is happy to welcome its new social media interns! Welcome Natalie, Jennifer, and Erina! We're excited to work with them!

June 11th

Don't Feed the Trolls is searching for some fabulous social media interns! Click here to apply or send an e-mail to Nicole if you're interested. :-)

June 10th

Don't Feed the Trolls launches its website!
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